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Step 7: Practical information for the day itself

For a smooth participation at a BrancheContact event, please keep the following details in mind:

  • What is and isn’t allowed at the stand
  • Parking 
  • Power & storage space
  • Specifications LCD screen (if ordered)
  • Wi fi / Internet  
  • Lunch & other catering
  • Exhibitors floor map & meeting point number
  • Practical tips for successful participation
  • Time Schedule

    Floor open to exhibitors: from 09:00. Please note that visitors will not enter the fair floor until 10:30, so you might not need to come to the stand as early as 9:00. You might spend valuable time waiting around.

    Dos and don’ts at the stand


    • Leaflets
    • Neutral leaflet rack
    • Business cards
    • Laptop or tablet (no PC / MAC screen)
    • Dish or tray with sweets, peppermints, nuts, max 50x50cm.
    • LCD display (if ordered, no own displays allowed)


    Quite simply, everything that was not mentioned under the Do’s. If you decide to place any other equipment, it will be removed.

    Exhibitor access / badge

    Badges / tickets can be ordered online one week prior to the fair. NEEDS TO BE PRINTED! IT IS ALSO YOUR BADGE




    MECC Maastricht has parking all around the premesis. The first 30 minutes parking is for free. 30 to 60 minutes is € 3,00. 60 to 120 minutes costs € 6,00. 120 to 180 minutes is € 9,00. More than 180 minutes is € 12,00. 

    MECC Maastricht
    Forum 100
    6229 GV Maastricht

    Power and storage space

    There is a wardrobe at the entrance. It is best to leave any valuables in your car. At the stand, your boxes of leaflets and other items can be stored behind the “rear curtain”.

    There’s a 220V power socket at each stand.

    Wifi / Internet

    Any costs for Wifi/internet will be published soon.

    Lunch / other catering

    Lunch can be bought at several catering plazas. We work with a coin system. Coins can be purchased at vendor machines, by debit card or cash. The machines will provide a receipt for admin.

    Catering staff will be serving in the pathways throughout the day, to take your orders for coffee and other drinks for yourself and your relations. These can be paid for with coins.  

    The drinks reception starts at 18.30. Evening meals are available at the Rolling Kitchens and from various caterers.

    Participants floor map & stand numbers

    The digital map on the website is up to date. When booking, you may choose your own stand number, after which the spot is blocked to new exhibitors.

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    • Op de mag slechts een eigen neutraal folderrekje geplaatst worden - overige attributen worden door de organisatie verwijderd.
    • Een laptop of tablet mag meegenomen worden ter onderteuning. (géén PC / MAC incl beeldscherm)

    Kom in contact met jouw potentiële opdrachtgevers. Één dag effectief en efficiënt jouw bedrijf presenteren aan de evenementen industrie. Boek nu een stand op EventSummit - al sinds de eerste editie in 2009 de beste vakbeurs in de branche.


    Blijf op de hoogte van het evenement en branchegerelateerde nieuwtjes.