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Step 4: Inviting business relations

Deadline: 2 weeks before the fair.

An important reason for the success of the BrancheContact concept is that we help to ensure that all exhibitors invite each of their business relations. Whether you have a network of 2000 partners and clients or whether you’re a beginner with only 10 connections – each and every one of your relevant relations will be personally invited through our system.

Treat your business relations to:

  • A fantastic networking day with many great companies from the events industry.
  • Networking reception
  • Extensive content program

Would you like to invite relations through your own e-mail system? Please contact us!

Our system works as follows:

1. Log in to our website with the username and password you earlier created or received from us by mail. Lost it? Please contact us. 

2. In your participant package, click 'Invite relations':

Stap 1 relaties uitnodigen


3. In the coupon details window, click 'Invite relations'.

stap 2 relaties uitnodigen

4. In this window, first fill out the fields ‘Your name’, ‘Your e-mail address’ and ‘Subject’.

Then write your invitation in the large text field. This can be done in two ways: 

Choose a sample text
Clicking ‘Insert sample text’ will bring up a standard invitation that we have made. Simply replace the bold text in brackets with your personal and company information and you’re done. 

Write your own personal invitation 
You can also decide to write your own personal invitation. Please make sure that your message contains the link to book an e-ticket, clicking ‘Insert link’. It will appear like this: {link}anchortext{/link}. Then the Anchor Text needs to be replaced by the name you’d like to give the link in your message. You could replace it with {link}Click here to order an e-ticket{/link} to add the link Click here to order an e-ticket

When you’re satisfied with the message, click ‘Save message’.

stap 9 en

5. Use a program such as Text editor (Mac), Notepad (Windows) or Gedit (Linux) to create a list of the e-mail addresses of the relations you wish to invite. Place the e-mail addresses in a column. (You could also copy a list of e-mail addresses from an Excel document, to have them automatically appear in a column). Save this document as .txt or .csv file. 

stap 5 en

6. Click 'Browse' Select the text document that you created in step 5 en click 'Open'. 

stap 6 en

7. Now click 'Upload'.

stap 7 en

8. The e-mail address of each relation you wish to invite can now be found under the header ‘Recipients’. If your message is not ready yet, you can edit it again. Click ‘Edit’ after the header ’Message’.

stap 8 en

9. The invitation can now be sent! Click 'Confirm and start sending’.

stap 9 en

10. Caution! Sending the invitations might take some time.
Once all the invitations have been sent, all invited relations can be found under the header ‘Invited relations’.


Please note that neglecting to invite your relations is reason to be removed from the list of exhibitors and be disqualified for participation. In that case, the participation fee minus a cancellation fee will be returned to you. Please see Article 2, under 4 of our General Terms and Conditions.

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